ARCO relocation experts will help you to find a house or an apartment in accordance with your requirements and budget.

When moving to another city or country it is essential to find an accommodation, apartment or house.

Today, it is absolutely unnecessary to apply to a real-estate agency. Our managers will plan and coordinate the delivery of your stuff while looking for a new comfortable home for you.

Our managers will take into account all your wishes and will offer the maximum apartment options, organize the visit to the chosen variants, hold negotionations with a property owner representative and provide legal support.

One-stop service

With ARCO you won’t have to order services in a few different companies.

  • we’ll assemble and place your furniture, lay out your clothes, kitchenware and ornaments

  • execute all necessary registration documents

  • organize an orientation tour for you

  • help to choose a school and special interest clubs for your children